Presidents of The Georgia Local Section

 Tom Freeman
 Jim Burson  1975
 Holmes Pyles  76-77
 Alice Farrar  77-78
 Bill Crowder  78-79
 George Hayes  79-80
 Paul Roper  80-81
 Merrel Garvin  81-82
 Grover Higgins  82-83
 Phil Williams  83-84
 William Spain  84-85
 Dee Woodhull  85-86
 Paul Middendorf  86-87
 Harriotte Hurley  87-88
 Cynthia Wolfe  88-89
 Jack Peng  89-90
 Dave Jacobs  90-91
 Kevin Downes  91-92
 Stan Salisbury  92-93
 Mike Durbin  93-94
 Max Kiefer  94-95
 Toni Hurley  95-96
 Dave Matthews  96-97
 Art Tippet  97-98
 Phil Williams  98-99
 Eva Ewing  99-2000
 Brenda Southerland  2000-01
 Dave Beem  2001-02
 Leah Oglesby  2002-03
 Rich Deluca  2003-04
 Drew Peake  2004-05
 Michelle Dunham
 Margaret Buckalew
 Peter Kowalski
 Barb Epstien
 Jenny Houlroyd
 Art Wickman
 Alex Lehocky
 John Moore
 Stephen Ndiritu  2014-15
 Stacy Savage
 Kristen Butler  2016-17
 Charles Calmbacher 2017-18
 Drew Peake


 Hilarie Warren


 Stephanie Scibilia 2020-21

 Will Ewing
 Mark Ostapczuk
 Michael Goldman


The Georgia Local Section (GLS) of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) began operation with the bylaws being accepted and approved on September 12, 1945. The first membership records on file show 43 members in 1950, 20 percent of whom were national members. Approximately 20 percent were women.  The first president was Mr. R.B. Hendon.  At that time only two members carried the title of industrial hygienist and many were industrial nurses. The Georgia Department of Public Health and various insurance companies employed many of the early members.  More than 90 percent of the members were employed in the Atlanta area with the farthest members coming from Rome, GA. The first local section newsletter was published in October 1977 under the direction of the first woman president on record, Ms. Alice Farrar. Several current members are among our longest membership holders of at least 30 years, including Phil Williams, Grover Higgins, Ed Kahal, Teresa Harrison, Della Ridley, Stan Salisbury, and Bill Ewing. Our first vendor sponsors for the membership directory were in 1994.  Since the mid-1980s vendor sponsorship has helped tremendously to offset local section expenses and boosts the local section budget.  Many GLS members served on the Local Conference Committee when AIHce was held in Atlanta in 1998 and in 2004. In more than 50 years GLS membership has more than tripled and continues to make key contributions to both the local and national IH communities

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